Life got really busy. And that’s what happens sometimes.

So, it’s not that I’ve fallen off the wagon…

I am still amazed by eating clean.

I am still loving how my body feels when I do.

And the times I’ve slipped, I can totally tell.

And I do not like it.

No, not one little bit.

And I feel closer to God.

Not just because I’m eating different, but because I am relying on Him.

And I can tell when I don’t.

I’ve found I love the natural tastes of foods.

And I love olive oil with a little apple cider vinegar for dressing. Good stuff.

Before, the thought made me gag.

And I love vegetables. Like, almost all vegetables. And I love them raw, I love them grilled, or even baked. Used to, I only ate them steamed, and now, that’s honestly my least favorite way.

And I love vegetable combinations. Like spicy and sweet. It’s like an explosion in your mouth.

I haven’t been exercising like I had really hoped to.

But I have hit 10,000 steps almost every day.

I know I can do better.

I am going to do better.


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