Days 9 & 10


I am one that likes things planned. I usually know what I am doing from day to day.

Some call it boring, or safe, or predictable.

I call it being prepared.

I was not prepared for my little family and in laws to be hit with the stomach bug.

I was not prepared to take off work yesterday.

Food wise, I did ok.

I feel I could have done better, but I still ate on plan. Just my timing was off.

I honestly think because I was on plan, it has saved me so far (knock on wood) from getting sick.

I know this is for me.

But honestly, I wish I had more insight to share… A verse, a quote, something.

I can tell you this.

My heart is burdened this week by the hurting.

A friend of mine lost his dad this morning.

An acquaintance if mine shared on FB that she made it to 14 weeks in her pregnancy. The longest period of time of her 6 pregnancies in 7 1/2 years.

I know many that would love to have another baby and it’s taking longer than they had hoped.

Friends dealing with private pain.

Strangers visibly hurting.

Maybe, just maybe, during this time, The Lord is helping me to be more compassionate…


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