Day 8


You know how I thought my daughter was teething?

Turns out to be the stomach flu.

Now both her grandpa and daddy have it. As does most of our home town according to my daughter and husband’s doctors, and the random guy wearing pink carrying 4 gallons of bleach behind me at the local DG.

Praying her grandma and I don’t get it…

I stocked up just in case. Following the BRACT diet per our doctor’s suggestion: Bananas Rice Applesauce Crackers and Toast.

Until then, I will continue on my Daniel Plan quest.

Which, today was better than yesterday.

Today, we had a food day. The theme? A burger bar! All kinds, ok 4 kinds of burgers. 2 were healthy versions! Turkey with spinach and garlic, and a black bean burger.

I went with the turkey burger and it was amazing! Topped it with some Avacado, lettuce, tomatoes, and fresh salsa!

I made a clean broccoli salad, so that was my main side… I was so full!!!

I ate a small salad for dinner and was good.

The best part about lent? Honestly? It’s not about giving up goodies and treats for selfish gain, like I have witnessed friends do in the past, but about taking the things out if the picture that are keeping you from a solid relationship with your Savior.

And growing more in His word.

And being more reliant on Him.

And repenting for all the areas you fall short.

And surrendering your weaknesses.

And asking for forgiveness.

And walking everyday a little closer to Him.


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