Day 7


You would think it would get easier as time goes by.

And maybe it will.

But today wasn’t that day. And I did slip.

I thought, hey, no one will know if I simply leave out the pieces of chocolate I had in a moment of weakness.

I will.

God will.

How ironic that today in my Quiet time, I read how if we confess our sin, we our forgiven. If we hold it in and keep it a secret, it will do nothing but burden us.

I could make excuses and highlight that I have had very little sleep since last Friday due to a sick little one and now a sick hubby. Or that I walked out completely unprepared for the day… No planner, no food, no grocery list. Or that I completely skipped breakfast…

Or buck up and confess.

I even had to ask for forgiveness. And as silly as it sounds,
choosing chocolate over my commitment to God really got me down.

I am so thankful He is faithful and just to forgive me of my sins.

In the past, I would use it as an excuse to blow off the rest of the day. I am so proud of my little step towards a better me, when I got back on that horse and ate a super clean dinner and prepped for tomorrow.

I am so thankful for second chances, do overs, forgiveness, acceptance, and complete fulfillment in Him and only Him.


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