Days 3 & 4


I spent the last two days “living on the fly.”

And I survived.

And I’m proud of the choices I was able to make.

And I didn’t starve to death.

And I’m pretty sure the world will continue to produce things like brownies, Dr. Pepper, and gravy…

I spent Friday night and Saturday attended Married 4 Life with Dan Seaborn. It. Was. Awesome! And I highly recommend going to hear him speak if you get a chance.

But the good news is.

I wasn’t the only one who took my own bottle of water.

Or baggie of snacks.

Or that didn’t eat mints from the bowl.

And you know what, it. Was. OK!

I felt extremely empowered after “making it through.”

Which is awesome.

In the last two days, I forgot my packed lunch and snacks for work.

And still made wise choices.

Went to lunch with friends.

And still made wise choices.

Went to a conference for two days.

And still made wise choices

With HIS help, it CAN be done.

Today, my husband set up something on my in-laws tv to scroll photos.

Photos from the past.


There I was. Big smile. Cute little black top and khakis… Followed by a pic of me from last summer.


Completely defeated.

I got up and went to the kitchen to do what else but eat my feelings.

I proceeded to open every cabinet.

And then I stopped.

I am more than this

That might be who I was… Or is.

But God is changing me. Right now. Even as I type.

And that’s the best news ever!

I may not be who I am supposed to be (yet), but thank God I’m not who I was!

Change my heart Oh Lord!!!


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