Day 2


Today was a little harder, but not.

My food was spot on. At work I ate my packed/planned foods. The thing I didn’t anticipate was the break room water supply to taste terrible and the snack bar to close early.

So I was down on my water until I got home.


Nobody was there when I got home and I was starving!!

I thought I packed enough.

Today was different though. I got full faster, but I was famished every two hours.

I was able to whiz by my husbands Oreos and grab some almonds and a little turkey.

I kept replaying an earlier conversation in my head.

I have two really great friends who are keeping me grounded and supporting me like crazy.

When I was all like, I miss cheese. They were like, but yeah, it’s just cheese. To which I giggled.

It is just cheese.

It’s just chocolate.

It’s just a roll with butter.

It’s just…

The thing keeping me from a closer walk with God.

The devotion I read on She Reads Truth put it best this way:


It’s 40 days. And I’m sure they won’t quit making cheese or chocolate or rolls and butter in the next 40 days.

Aside from all that.

I’ve really been digging deeper in the word. The significance of Lent has a whole new meaning this year.

Things are being revealed that I never would have imagined.


And I look forward to the things that I’ve gotten just a glimpse of, to be fully revealed.

Today’s food-
1 24 oz of water
1 24 oz of unsweetened tea
1 32 oz bottle of water

Breakfast- chocolate Shakeology with almond milk and peanut butter

Lunch- same as yesterday

Snack 1- fruit

Snack 2- turkey and almonds

Dinner- vanilla Shakeology with fruit


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