Day 1



Back in December, I bought this book. You know one that promises you can change your life from the inside out in just 40 days.

I had seen Rick Warren on Dr. Oz earlier in the week talk about something called, The Daniel Plan.Always eager to learn, on a three hour bus trip, I bought it. I mean, if Dr. Oz was for it and all…

I read a few chapters that day.

And didn’t pick up the book again until January.

I was intrigued by what Rick Warren had to say… What the Bible had to say.

Again I put it down. I’ll start again Monday is what I would tell myself. You know because all good diets start on Mondays.

But this isn’t a diet. It truly isn’t.

I’m not looking to lose tons of weight. While that would be wonderful, I’m truly seeking out healing. Healing from the inside out of the broken mess of a woman that I currently am.

I’ve been talking to someone. Someone who will help me make positive changes in my life that in my 33 years have been able to do.

So, as I work through my past in my present for my future, things have been revealed to me in God’s perfect time.

And one of those things is to follow The Daniel Plan. And how perfect that today is the beginning of Lent.

And while I’m not practicing a religion that “gives something up” for Lent, I am a Christian and using this time to truly reflect on God’s perfect will for my life.

And something that has always been an “idol” in my life is food. I planned my days around my meals. I couldn’t go without for fear I wouldn’t get any. The thought of skipping dessert is unheard of…

I am here to say, with whitening strips in my mouth (because you can’t eat with clean teeth)… I have successfully made it through Day 1.

Not on my own strength by any means, but from the help of my God. And I truly believe that.

Today’s Food:
3 24 oz glasses of water
2 20 oz glasses of unsweetened tea

Breakfast – Shakeology made with almond milk and a handful of berries

Lunch – turkey burger with grilled onions, peppers, on a bed of spinach, topped with Avacado

Snack – turkey and almonds

Dinner – fresh off my parents farm cubed steak and a potato

Dessert – fresh fruit

*Im not for sure about the potato, but I’ll double check

Follow me for the next 40 days as I surrender myself fully to be transformed into the amazing woman god has designed me to be.


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